»Diese Truppe legt
den Siedepunkt von Rock-Musik
fest und schickt alle Ignoranten zur Hölle.«


»Für richtig fetten Gitarrensound
braucht es weder L.A. noch Stockholm,
es reicht ein Blick nach Bamberg.«

Fastbeat Superchargers is a high-energy rock band that delivers a powerful blend of kick-ass rock with a hint of blues-infused stoner and a touch of metal, all underpinned by a heavy dose of southern rock. With their raw energy and heavy sound, they’re sure to get audiences on their feet and pumping their fists. Get ready to rock with the Fastbeat Superchargers.


Fastbeat Superchargers are:

Johannes W. – vocals, Thomas B. – guitar, Thomas G. – guitar,
Christoph M. – bass, Frederik B. – drums


Year: 2023
Format: Digital Download


Year: 2017
Format: Digital Download, CD


Year: 2009
Format: Digital Download, CD

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Copyright 2023 Fastbeat Superchargers
made by Niffn & Fred

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